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Imaging electrochemical reactions and biological phenomena at the nanoscale and single entity levels can provide rich details on 1) heterogeneity in the system and 2) enhanced mechanistic insights that are not possible with traditional electro- and bio-analytical tools. The Sundaresan Lab vision is to use and develop high-throughput multimodal imaging techniques such as electrochemical, optical, and electron imaging to understand electrochemical and biological phenomena at the single entity level and utilize the obtained insights to design better performing catalytic and biological systems at the ensemble level. Accordingly our lab will focus on interfacing novel high-resolution optical imaging techniques with electrochemical techniques that can address fundamental scientific questions in the field of electrocatalysis, material science, and biology. 

High-throughput single-entity screening of electrocatalysts

Nanopore-enabled digital sensor

Uncovering the mechanism of antimicrobial materials

Research projects

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